On camp days we typically have 100-150 children which presents a need for 20-30 youth and another 20-30 adult volunteers at a camp. Besides the manpower, there are also the financial needs of funding the transportation and the food. There are also opportunities to help with the camp upkeep and work projects during the week and the off-seasons. Projects available for youth groups.Specific ways you can help:Pray: This is a ministry whose purpose is to win souls for the Kingdom. Satan doesn’t like this, and we need prayer warriors to come along side of us to do battle on our behalf.

Rent a bus:

Gospel Lakes is always in need of sponsors to help provide the funds to provide transportation for the children to come to camp.



• Provide funds for the food
• Go shopping with Gospel Lakes’ grocery list and then bring the food to the camp
• Prepare and serve the meal on the camp day
• Clean up the kitchen and dining areas afterward


Camp upkeep/work projects:

Contact us about our to-do list! Call 936-767-5055



We need you! Find out when we are having camp and come and help us share the Gospel with these children through your willingness to serve.


Sunday school class group:

many adult Sunday school classes commit to covering the lunch for a Saturday (this includes all the bullets under “lunch”).


Be a sponsor church:

Your church can sponsor a camp for a group of inner-city children through providing the funds for both the children’s transportation to and from Gospel Lakes and the meal, and by recruiting enough volunteers to run the camp.



When it comes to helping kids get to camp, you’d be surprised how far fifteen dollars can go. Donate right now so your gift will start working … right away.

The growth that Gospel Lakes has seen over the past few years brings with it the need for the ministry to reach out to those beyond our close circle of friends. This past year our budget has increased due to increased transportation expenses, the need for additional staff, and camp improvements.

Gospel Lakes is funded 100% by the kindness and generosity of individuals, churches, foundations, and companies. We need your help to continue broadening our reach to the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in our area.

Please consider making a one time or ongoing monthly gift to Gospel Lakes – please check out our “Accountability” page. We are a 501 (c)(3) organization, donations to which are tax deductible. Gifts can be made by check which can be sent to our address on the contacts page.