The functional church has four primary areas of ministry:

• Evangelism, Outreach and Missions
• Fellowship, Encouraging and Accountability
• Praise, Prayer and Worship
• Equipping, Discipleship and Bible Study

At Gospel Lakes we are blessed to be able to provide your church with a means to grow all four of these essential ministries. Unfortunately, recent times have seen a shortage of financial means for many churches and sometimes even a stunt in the growth of a congregation. However, through constant prayer and persistent effort, we can continue to expand God’s kingdom here on Earth. At Gospel Lakes, we not only host, but can also help coordinate many activities or events that promote the growth of a congregation and bonding within a church body.

Here are a few of these activities and events:

• Picnic’s and Fellowships
• Men’s, Women’s and Family Retreats
• Missions Training
• Volunteer / Ministry Service
• Local Outreaches Within the Community
• Sunday School Volunteer Opportunities
• Men’s Cooking Clubs
• Gospel and Worship Music Festivals
• Other Church Functions

If you would like to speak with us about your event/idea or if you have any questions and want to learn more about how Gospel Lakes can grow your Ministry, please fill out this form to contact us or you can call us directly at (936) 767-5055.

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